Hilarious New Fan Art Imagines John Cena As Captain America


Yesterday, John Cena prompted confusion and speculation when he posted an uncaptioned image to Instagram of the Captain America shield with a few scratches on it. Some fans interpreted this cryptic upload as the wrestler/actor expressing his interest in taking up the heroic mantle after Chris Evans bails from the series, and now artist Boss Logic has offered their amusing take on what this could look like.

As you can see below, the tongue-in-cheek image combines elements from the First Avenger’s costume with Cena’s own trademark getup to create a new kind of Cap. And while we highly doubt that Marvel Studios has such a future in mind for the franchise, the comments received by this post make it pretty clear that most fans aren’t exactly clamoring for this casting, either.

So, if the star of Blockers and Bumblebee is unlikely to pick up the shield anytime soon, what does the future hold for the Captain America title? Well, as it stands, it seems unlikely that Evans will be staying in the role beyond next year’s Avengers 4. Though the actor’s initial contract only kept him in the MCU for six movies, the star decided to stick around for the film that will see out Marvel’s Phase 3. After that, however, it looks like Evans will have the closure he needs to walk away.

Meanwhile, the recent announcement that Steve Rogers’ friends Falcon and Winter Soldier will be getting their own TV show arguably puts the two biggest candidates for the next Captain America out of the running. And while Frank Grillo recently relayed rumors that the next Cap could be black or female, the star of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been known for his unreliable intel as of late.

In short, it’s unclear who, if anyone, will be inheriting Steve’s title, but we’ll likely get some clues when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.