Home Alone Fans Aren’t Happy About Disney’s Upcoming Reboot

Home Alone

Home Alone

Now that they’ve merged with Fox, Disney has access to many defunct franchises that the other studio wasn’t doing much with, and at a recent quarterly earnings conference, the Mouse House confirmed they were going to do something about that. CEO Bob Iger revealed that reboots of such family-friendly franchises like Home Alone, Night at the Museum and Cheaper by the Dozen are on their way to the Disney Plus streaming service.

There’s been a mixed reaction to all of these properties getting relaunched, but fans are protective of Home Alone the most. The original 1990 movie, and by extension its 1992 sequel, is a holiday classic that many of us watch every Christmas, so understandably folks don’t see much point in remaking it. Especially as there are so many redundant follow-ups as it is (did you know Home Alone 5 came out in 2012?).

As you’d expect, then, social media is full of people criticizing the news, and some are just sick of Disney’s endless reboots, in general.

The message is clear, Disney: don’t touch this one.

In the immortal words of Danny DeVito…

Home Alone

Others remain loyal to Macaulay Culkin and don’t think a remake would work without him in the role of Kevin McAllister (they’re right, too. Just check out Home Alone 4 for proof).

What’s more, a lot of Twitter users have pointed out that the central premise of the movie just wouldn’t work in our modern-day world. Kevin is originally stranded at home when his family go on vacation and the phonelines go down. Nowadays, he’d have the internet, various apps and many other options to get in contact with his parents. No need to foil a burglary on his own.

It looks like Disney will have to hire some nifty screenwriters to fix these inherent story problems, and also hire a talented cast to make up for the absence of Culkin. Otherwise, it seems old-school fans will be leaving this Home Alone remake alone.