Horror Fans Agree This Forgotten Film Is The Scariest They’ve Ever Seen

It’s not easy to scare a true horror fan. Those who have watched potentially hundreds of films and shows in the genre have seen it all right? Well, it looks like one often overlooked by many might be the ultimate scare-fest that is the perfect watch as Halloween approaches.

Three_Froggy_Problem shared a post on /r/horror discussing why Black Christmas (1974) was one of the most terrifying films he’s ever seen. The full post is long (and full of spoilers) but says a lot about the terrifying tale.

“I’m kind of in shock after watching Black Christmas. I had high hopes going in, but I really didn’t expect a movie that’s almost 50 years old to actually scare me. But I was tense the whole time, and after it was over I genuinely felt jumpy and unsettled.”

It wasn’t just the original poster who had a love for the film. A lot of other horror fans chimed in praising just how fantastic it is.

Those who want to check out the original Black Christmas and add it to their horror movie binge for spooky season can find it streaming on Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, and for rent on YouTube and Google Play.