Horror Fans Are Remembering This Hidden Gem In Time For Halloween

As fans begin to indulge in the thrills and delights of spooky season, scary movies are becoming the talk of the social media realm. From blockbuster favorites to hidden gems, there are plenty of films for horror buffs to enjoy this Halloween and many of them may be watching some for the first time.

When you love horror, you often enjoy a genre so much you sort of stay there. Slasher films, possession films, and supernatural films, to name a few, all have a dedicated following of viewers. There are some movies that every horror fan knows, whether they’re a fan of them or not, and others that aren’t as well known but are absolutely incredible in storytelling and scare factor.

One of those films is called The Void and a Reddit thread is reminding people how much they truly enjoyed the watch.

The synopsis for the film is as follows:

Cloaked, cult-like figures trap a police officer (Aaron Poole), patients, and staffers inside a hospital that is a gateway to evil.

A gateway to evil found in a hospital sounds quite terrifying in and of itself. You expect to go into a hospital to find care, not to end up in a terrifying experience you can’t escape from.

Many fans in the Reddit thread shared some of the same views that the original poster had. They enjoyed the complexity of the characters and the effects through the movie, many even liked the ending even though it was a bit of a mystery.

Have you seen The Void? Do you plan to watch it after hearing reviews from massive fans of the film? You can find the film on AMC+.