Here Are All The Horror Movies Coming To Netflix In February


Next month may not be the busiest period for new horror arrivals on Netflix, but February 1st still sees a few interesting additions, including a couple of popular franchise-starters, the entirety of a celebrated film series, and a highly anticipated Netflix Original.

To break these down individually, the first of the month sees the first Final Destination come to the platform. This fondly remembered flick managed to kick off a whole series based on the novel premise of Death itself killing off victims in gruesome, often elaborate ways. The addition seems well-timed, too, given the reboot in the works from the writers of several of the Saw sequels.

Speaking of torture porn, Eli Roth’s Hostel is also being added to Netflix next Friday, for those who like their horror movies to go hard with the gore. Better yet, the platform is set to bring us all four Jaws films, from the classic 1975 original to 1987’s infamous Jaws: The Revenge by way of Jaws 2 and Jaws 3. And while the first film remains the most cherished of the series by a country mile, you may find there’s guilty pleasure to be had from the rest of the franchise.


Incidentally, if you feel your killer fish movie marathon could use a fifth entry, the 2010 Piranha remake is on Netflix until February 20th.

But the horror arrival that will undoubtedly get the most attention next month is Velvet Buzzsaw, the new Netflix Exclusive that reunites Dan Gilroy and Jake Gyllenhaal for the first time since 2014’s Oscar-nominated Nightcrawler.

All in all, February 1st is seeing some noteworthy additions to Netflix, but as always, there are also a few horror movies that are set to leave the platform next month, and you can check out this list of imminent departures right here.

Source: Collider

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