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How Deadpool 2’s Cast Was Able To Keep Spoilers From Leaking

On the Deadpool 2 commentary track, Ryan Reynolds detailed exactly how the cast was able to keep story spoilers at bay while filming.

Though Deadpool 2 will always be remembered as a fun-filled romp with more dark humor and meta jokes than you could shake a chimichanga at, the Merc’s sophomore adventure still had its moments of serious drama.

Take Vanessa’s death as an example. While early drafts of the superhero sequel spared Morena Baccarin’s character from that stray bullet, the David Leitch-directed pic largely limited Wade Wilson’s SO to surreal dream sequences. It’s arguably one of Deadpool 2‘s greatest flaws, as the character of Vanessa was reduced to just another damsel-in-distress for the first movie, but I digress.

To ensure her shocking death remained under wraps, along with the CGI cameo of Juggernaut – a role performed by Ryan Reynolds himself – the Deadpool 2 cast had to go the extra mile to mitigate the chance of spoilers finding their way onto social media.

Or so says Reynolds:

Sometimes the secrecy thing gets ridiculous. Our sides came in red because apparently you can’t photocopy red and you’ve got to turn your sides into the script coordinator at the end of the day and then she shreds them. It’s like working in the CIA sometimes.

Those comments were made during the Deadpool 2 audio commentary track (h/t Cinema Blend), in which Reynolds is joined by David Leitch and the sequel’s co-writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, to dissect the Merc’s second solo outing and all of its many Easter eggs.

It’ll be featured as part of the Deadpool 2 Blu-ray in two weeks’ time, while those on the lookout for additional footage ought to pay close attention to the Super Duper Cut, which crams in 15 minutes’ worth of deleted scenes, including that controversial gag about the Merc journeying through time to pay Baby Hitler a visit. Yeesh.

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