Here’s Some Proof That Juggernaut Survived Deadpool 2


One of the most fan-pleasing additions to Deadpool 2 was the return of Juggernaut, the classic X-Men villain last seen played by Vinnie Jones in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. For this new incarnation of Cain Marko, though, the character was a fully CGI creation and acted as a secondary antagonist of the movie.

In the big third act at the Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead eventually best Juggernaut in a humiliating way – by sticking a live wire up his oversized backside and kicking him into the pool. Unfortunately, he’s not seen again after this and it’s left unanswered whether he managed to survive the encounter or not.

Now that Deadpool 2‘s been released on Digital, though, CinemaBlend noticed a revealing detail from one moment right at the end of the film. In the screenshot below, you can see a familiar figure rising from the pool at the bottom right of the image. Yes, it seems that Juggernaut lives, after all!

CinemaBlend is actually carrying out an instruction director David Leitch gave to fans while speaking at the recent Deadpool 2 panel at SDCC. He told those who buy the DVD/Blu-ray to slow down the final moments of the movie to look out for an answer as to whether Juggernaut would return. And here’s the proof that he will, something that’s already been teased by the director on a previous occasion.

Another detail about the character that’s hard to tell without closer inspection is who plays him: it’s actually Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. This wasn’t originally the plan, but time was running out and so the star elected to do the voice and face animations for Juggernaut. His voice was then heavily modulated so audiences couldn’t tell it was him.

Now that Cain Marko’s confirmed to be alive, though, there’s every chance we could see him cameo in X-Force, alongside many other characters from Deadpool 2. Assuming that the project’s still going ahead, of course, what with the Disney/Fox buyout throwing everything into question now.