How tall are the Na’vi in ‘Avatar?’

na'vi avatar the way of water
Screengrab via Youtube/20th Century Studios

Thirteen years after the release of the first Avatar film, fans of the world of Pandora are finally getting the sequel to James Cameron’s box-office smasher.

Little is known yet about Avatar: The Way of Water, as the director is adamant on maintaining the aura of secrecy that has surrounded the film until now. The teaser trailer, which dropped back in May, has everyone gearing up to rejoin Jake and Neytiri on their adventures with the Na’vi, but one character seen running around the jungle of Pandora is drawing everyone’s attention. It looks like a new human character will play a big part in the film, not as the Na’vi’s oppressor like in the first installment, but as a member of the family.

Miles “Spider” Socorro is the adopted human teenager of Jake Sully and Neytiri, and his scenes with his Na’vi parents and siblings in the trailer have really put into perspective just how tall the Na’vi actually are.

The Na’vi are the indigenous people of Pandora, a habitable moon. They’re approximately 10 feet or three meters tall, which is about the height of a U-Haul truck or a basketball hoop. Despite having human-like features and body proportions, the Na’vi display slender, sculptured bodies, as well as striped blue skin, pointed ears and a tail.

The first Avatar film saw the Na’vi face off and win against the humans behind the Avatar Program, but some were allowed to stay back in Pandora. According to producer Jon Landau who told Empire that a big part of the sequel’s story will revolve around Spider, who was born on the military base and could not be taken back to Earth. He was adopted by Jake and Neytiri, but the latter, unable to shake off the events of the previous film, struggles to accept Spider into their family.

Avatar: The Way of Water premieres exclusively in theaters Dec. 15.