Hubie Halloween 2 Reportedly In Early Development At Netflix

Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler’s latest flick, Hubie Halloween was a massive success for Netflix when it debuted earlier this month. The film quickly shot to the number one spot on the platform and had subscribers singing its praises from the very beginning, though critics were much more tepid about the feature. Still, the Internet quickly began demanding a sequel and now, it appears they’ll get their wish even sooner than they probably thought.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Netflix are working on Extraction 2 and a Witcher spinoff, both of which were correct – a follow-up to the horror comedy pic is already in the early stages of development at the streaming service. While further details are still scarce as of right now, we can probably assume that Sandler and his cast of wacky cohorts will be back. Maybe this time around our titular hero will finally get the respect he deserves?

For those unfamiliar, Hubie Halloween tells the story of an eponymous local outcast who takes it upon himself to keep the townsfolk of Salem, Massachusetts safe. Normally, his presence is more laughable than effective, but this year things start getting weird when residents begin to vanish. Only one man can stop the evil mastermind from ruining the holiday and that man is Hubie.

If that sounds to you like a laughably terrible plot, that might be because it is. Still, the film found a very big audience on the streaming platform, as was expected, and the sequel will likely do the same.

Tell us, though, are you excited for another Hubie Halloween, or do you think this is an idea best left in the drafts? Sound off in the comments section down below and let us know.

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