Hugh Jackman Confirms Darren Aronofsky As Director For Wolverine 2

It was practically confirmed, but now we know for sure that Mr. Aronofsky will be behind the camera for the upcoming film Wolverine 2. Vulture got a chance to speak with the film’s star, Hugh Jackman. Jackman had the following to say about the upcoming film.

“This is Wolverine. This is not Popeye. He’s kind of dark… But, you know, this is a change of pace. Chris McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, has written the script, so that’ll give you a good clue. [Aronofsky’s] going to make it fantastic. There’s going to be some meat on the bones. There will be something to think about as you leave the theater, for sure.”

He then went on to say that Wolverine 2 could be the best of the X-Men films.

“This is, hopefully for me, going to be out of the box. It’s going to be the best one, I hope…Well, I would say that, but I really do feel that, and I feel this is going to be very different.”

I really enjoyed Wolverine and I’m pretty excited for the sequel. Jackman’s a great actor and plays the part of Wolverine very well. With Aronofsky behind the camera, I think this could turn out to be very well done. It’s an unusual directing choice for Aronofsky, he usually doesn’t go for the big budget blockbuster films.

Aronofsky is best known for films like The Wrestler and Requiem For A Dream, not exactly films that are in the same category as Wolverine 2. Nevertheless with a teaming of Jackman, Aronofsky and McQuarrie, who’s doing the script, this could turn out to actually be the best X-Men film yet.