Hugh Jackman Congratulates People’s Sexiest Man Alive While Trolling Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman

Oh, Hugh Jackman. Will he ever stop trolling Ryan Reynolds? The answer is a stern no. He’ll even rib on Mr. Deadpool while simultaneously congratulating someone else.

It appears that ol’ Wolverine himself has taken to Twitter this week to show support for John Legend (La La Land and The Voice), who’s been nominated as People’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2019. In offering his online pat on the back – welcoming John to an elite group whilst telling him to “enjoy your reign” – he also uploaded a video in which he mocks Ryan Reynolds. Of course, their mockery of each other goes back a long time, but we still love it when they troll each other on social media.

In this particular show of video trolling, we see Jackman and Reynolds walking towards the camera having a friendly Hollywood chat. A magazine (accidentally on purpose) falls from Hugh’s jacket and a playful ruse takes place as he shows the magazine to Ryan.

As you can see, the magazine in question is People, and the image is of Jackman on the front cover when he was Sexiest Man Alive back in 2008. Reynolds takes it in his stride and even jokes back, saying that he has that issue but “cuts the eyes and mouth out.” He’s a good sport, really. Not that he has any reason to feel jealous, mind you, seeing as he won the title in 2010.

Speaking of Hugh Jackman, we’re still hoping that he’ll reprise his role for any upcoming Wolverine-related projects that might be brewing over at Marvel Studios. But even if he doesn’t, at least we’ll always have his hilarious troll war with Ryan Reynolds to keep us entertained, right?