Hugh Jackman May Finally Wear Wolverine’s Yellow Costume…Kind Of


The biggest disappointment of Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine is that he never got to wear the famous yellow costume that the character had become popular for. Yes, we did get a glimpse of it in a case in 2013’s The Wolverine (see above), but he never suited up in the gear in a live-action scenario. And frankly, that sucks.

After all, we’ve seen some truly atrocious comic book outfits brought to life (for example, Mystique’s attire in X-Men: Apocalypse), so why not Wolvie’s? As one of the most distinct superhero costumes around, it’s a travesty that it never made a major appearance in any film. In fact, it basically cheapens the value and prestige of it.

As something that’s become part of the character’s tradition, you’d think he would’ve slipped into it at some point, but nope, it was like he preferred a vest and jeans instead. There will be those that argue how it wouldn’t look good on the big screen anyways, but the fact is that superheroes wear costumes. Whether it makes aesthetic sense in the real world or not is beside the point, as these characters aren’t real.

Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be and with Jackman now having retired from the role, it seems as if we’ll never get to see him don the yellow spandex. Or will we? Taking to Twitter this week, the actor teased fans with a potential Halloween costume, which as you can see below, is the classic Wolvie suit.

While this troll is all in good fun, it does serve to further drive home just how disappointing it is that we never got to see the character in his iconic outfit on the big screen. Then again, there’s still time. With the recasting of Wolverine inevitable – heck, even Jackman supports it – the X-Men leader will get his chance to shine on film again and when the time comes, maybe, just maybe, 20th Century Fox will give the fans what they want and stick him in that yellow suit – even if it’s only briefly.

Tell us, do you think Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine should have worn the costume at some point, or would it not have worked within the context of the movies? Feel free to hit the comments section and let us know!