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Idina Menzel ‘didn’t even notice’ Yvette Nicole Brown’s extreme reaction to her on ‘Disenchanted’ set

"I get the same way."

Giselle Disenchanted
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Soon, a sequel to Enchanted will come out after a long, long wait. Disenchanted premieres on Disney Plus tomorrow, features Idina Menzel, adds Yvette Nicole Brown, and, apparently Brown was starstruck by Menzel, though she did not notice one bit.

The actress and singer comments on the behind-the-scenes anecdote in a new episode of the D23 Inside Disney Podcast. Apparently, when Brown met Menzel, she went completely mute, though, Menzel has been there and can empathize, too.

“I probably did not notice. I get the same way and was probably trying to be empathetic to her. I probably did not even notice.”

Later in the conversation Menzel adds her Nancy character was cynical and tough in the past, as well as being tightly wound. In the sequel, she is now a queen of Andalasia and by living in a fantastical space, some of her edges have become rounded as a result.

“They probably sing and dance all day long. She’s joyous and like a light I feel like. So, when they visit Monroeville she just brings all of that optimism and happiness with her. I was so happy to be in the costume and the corset and playing with James.”

The original film was a box office success and had a strong critical response. Its sequel has teased a twisting tale of good vs. evil and, star Amy Adams, who plays Giselle Phillip in the piece, says there will be a lot more singing and dancing. Adams has also added the last time she danced as much she was in her twenties and, now, in her forties, it feels different. Though, when she watched herself on the monitor, she would be reminded of her earlier years and would experience a jarring sense of not being the same. Hairspray and Hocus Pocus 2 director Adam Shankman takes over duties from Kevin Lima, and, on scripting, David N. Weiss, J. David Stem, and Richard LaGravenese take over from Bill Kelly, who has the sole writing credit on the initial film in the series.

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