Here’s How Idris Elba Could Look As The Next James Bond

Idris Elba

The internet’s been hotly debating the idea of Tom Hardy being the next James Bond lately, following a rumor doing the rounds online that he’s been cast as Daniel Craig’s replacement. The Venom star’s always been a popular fan pick for the part, so many were pleased by the alleged news. On the other hand, there are a bunch of other actors that folks would love to see pick up the Walther PPK next. And at the top of the list is Idris Elba.

Folks have been calling for The Suicide Squad star to get the gig for years now, with many agreed that he’s got the right stuff to be the first person of color to bring 007 to life. If you still need some convincing, though, check out this epic piece from artist BossLogic below. BL previously mocked up what Hardy could look like in the role, and now he’s followed it up with some artwork of the Luther actor taking on the part.

Elba has frequently been asked if he’d be interested in being the next Bond over the years, and he often comes back with a different answer. He’s expressed excitement about the opportunity in the past, while other times he’s pulled himself out of the race. If the producers actually officially extended him the offer, though, there’s enough evidence to suggest that he might sign along the dotted line.

But if you believe that report from last week, the job’s already gone to Hardy and the studio are sitting on the announcement until after No Time to Die releases this November and they can reveal who’s replacing Craig. Who knows if that aforementioned report is actually on to something or if the job is still vacant, but while we wait for concrete news, let us know your own personal choice for the next James Bond in the comments section below.