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Tom Hardy Allegedly Cast As New James Bond, Will Replace Daniel Craig

After finding himself as the odds-on favorite earlier this week, it's now being reported that Tom Hardy has been cast as the new James Bond.

Tom Hardy

No Time to Die is still headed to theaters this November, but with the way things have been going for the theatrical industry as of late, don’t be surprised if that changes. Indeed, tons of big blockbusters have picked up and moved to new release dates – mostly in 2021 – and Sony could very well end up doing the same if the situation at the box office doesn’t begin to improve.

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For now, though, the film will be with us later this year and will give star Daniel Craig a fitting sendoff after five movies of playing James Bond, as the 52 year-old will hang up his gun and retire from the role for good after No Time To Die. But as one of the most coveted jobs in the industry, there’s already been a ton of speculation about who the next actor to wear the tux will be.

Many names have been thrown around, but if a new story from The Vulcan Reporter is to be believed, then the studio have already found their man. And that man is none other than Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy

Apparently, the Inception star has been cast as the next James Bond, to replace Craig after No Time to Die. The Vulcan Reporter claims that this was going to be announced in November, but due to the coronavirus, that won’t be the case anymore and instead, the studio may wait to reveal Hardy’s casting in either December or early 2021.

Of course, we’d advise taking all this with a grain of salt, but it’s no secret that of all the actors rumored to be inheriting the part, Hardy has been the one that comes up most. Not only is he a popular fan pick, but he’s been linked to the franchise many times in the past and though nothing’s ever come of it, it looks like he might be on the cusp of finally stepping into the iconic shoes of James Bond.

But tell us, would you be alright with Hardy taking on the role? Let us know down below.