Imminent No Way Home News Teased As Spider Emojis Take Over Twitter

If you’ve grown tired of the constant Spider-Man: No Way Home hype that’s taken over social media for weeks, then you’re as well turning any and all notifications off until December 17, or two days earlier if you happen to reside in the United Kingdom.

If it isn’t alleged plot details, cameo appearances or leaked photos bombarding your timeline, it’s the incessant demand on the part of the fanbase to have Sony and Marvel Studios give them anything that isn’t set on that goddamn bridge.

We know that the second full-length trailer is premiering tomorrow at an exclusive invitation-only event, but as you can see from the reactions below, spider emojis appear to have taken over Twitter as various scoopers, insiders, tipsters and wishful thinkers teased that news is preparing to drop any second.

As tiring as it is, the good news is that we’ll know in less than ten minutes whether or not any of this is set to amount to even the slightest sliver of new information, but Spider-Man: No Way Home fans are nothing if not persistent looking at the sheer number of times they’ve hedged their bets on a brand new glimpse at the hotly-anticipated blockbuster.