Spider-Man: No Way Home Fans Are Sick Of The Bridge Scene

Marvel Studios, Sony and the fanbase at large have gotten themselves into a fairly tricky situation with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which mostly stems from the secrecy (or lack thereof) to have engulfed the project since day one.

New leaks and purported plot details are now hitting the internet on what feels like an hourly basis, but in an official capacity, all we’ve seen so far are a few official production stills and a solitary full-length trailer. Of course, that’s all set to change tomorrow when the brand new promo premieres at an exclusive event, and it’s not before time.

Seeing as Alfred Molina is the only newcomer to the ensemble to have shouted his involvement from the rooftoops, which he did months ago, the vast majority of No Way Home material have focused on his showdown with Tom Holland’s Spidey that takes place on a bridge. As you can see below, supporters are tired of it, even if some of them are going in hard with the jokes.

It would be an epic troll-job on Sony’s part if the entire event built up to an extended look at the bridge scene, although that would probably result in wide-scale riots and significant property damage. The mania surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home is only getting louder, so the footage can’t come soon enough.