Spider-Man: No Way Home Fans Hoping New Trailer Leaks Before Tuesday

The wait for a second full-length Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has been long and arduous, with fans mass disliking anything put out by Sony in an attempt to try and force the studio into dropping new footage ahead of schedule, a ploy that obviously never works.

The good news is that the much-anticipated promo is premiering on Tuesday, with the caveat that you’ll need to secure a ticket to an exclusive fan event if you want to be one of the first people to see it. Of course, this is Sony we’re talking about, so there’s already an underlying hope that it’ll fall victim to other so-called sensitive materials and leak online before then.

It sounds like wishful thinking on the surface, but let’s not forget the entire post-credits scene from Venom: Let There Be Carnage landed on the internet ahead of the movie’s theatrical release, while the vaunted leaks reportedly showcasing Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Charlie Cox dominated the social media sphere when they too found themselves available for perusal against the studio’s wishes.

With all of that in mind, nobody would be surprised in the slightest were the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer to suspiciously make its way onto the web before Tuesday, even if you’d think Kevin Feige would be guarding the sole copy in existence with his life to ensure that the mistakes of the past aren’t repeated.