Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Reveal Nighttime Motorcycle Chase

indiana jones

Compared to the torturous two-decade process that eventually yielded The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones 5 has enjoyed a relatively straightforward journey to getting in front of cameras when you think about it.

The fourth installment was mired in development hell for close to 20 years, going through countless rewrites from a multitude of writers in the process, but the fifth outing for Harrison Ford’s cinematic icon was officially announced by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in May 2015, and shooting is currently underway as the blockbuster looks to make good on its promise of a July 2022 release.

Of course, in that time, Indiana Jones 5 lost director Steven Spielberg and cycled through quite a few scribes itself, but cameras are now rolling under the steady hand of Logan‘s James Mangold, who also takes a co-writing credit on the screenplay alongside Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, with the trio previously collaborating on Best Picture nominee Ford v Ferrari.

Inevitably, the first set photos from the production have already made their way online, with the latest batch revealing a nighttime motorcycle chase and a train decked out in Nazi iconography, which is interesting when Indy 5 is likely to take place in the 1960s, and you can check out the images via the link below.

indiana jones

Funnily enough, Indiana Jones 5 is using the exact same railway line that recently played host to Mission: Impossible 7 and saw Tom Cruise rescue a stuntman from imminent danger. It seems that Harrison Ford wasn’t involved in the second unit night shoot, but there is a double wearing a disconcerting mask loosely designed to resemble the actor’s face, and we at least know that he’s pitched up in the United Kingdom ahead of donning the fedora once more, with the majority of the interiors and sets being built at Pinewood Studios.