Intense Set Videos For Pacific Rim: Uprising Spotlight The Human Resistance

Pacific Rim Uprising

The PPDC (Pan Pacific Defense Corps) is famous for one thing: kicking kaiju ass. To ward off any impending apocalypse, Pacific Rim‘s fictional organization formed an international alliance in order to spearhead the Jaeger program, thereby creating a fleet of skyscraper-sized robots designed for the sole purpose of going up close and personal with otherworldly aliens.

But as we learned during the finale of Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 creature feature, those city-levelling kaiju were actually being deployed as clones, allowing the alien population to control their monsters from afar. As sequels tend to do, Pacific Rim: Uprising is all set to expand on the mythology introduced via del Toro’s cult favorite, and the first wave of set videos suggest that humanity will soon be locking horns with those unsightly puppeteers on a ground level.

Embedded below, you’ll be able to pinpoint the PPDC logo emblazoned on a heavily armored vehicle, which all but confirms that the organization will be fighting a more traditional war by the time Uprising rolls around in 2018. These photos, taken on location in Sydney, first surfaced via Instagram.

First look at vehicle props from #PacificRim2! Today we have your first look at some of the vehicle props which will be used in #PacificRimUprising / Pacific Rim 2! Snapped by a local Sydney based photographer, the following set photos show us a very heavily armored vehicle, with the PPDC (Pan Pacific Defense Corps) logo plastered on the rear panel. This particular vehicle we assume is utilized by PPDC ground forces, which against a massive Kaiju would render somewhat useless. However, in Pacific Rim, we learned the Kaiju were in a sense cloned, organic Jaeger type mechs themselves, to the Alien race which created them. It is possible that Pacific Rim: Uprising will introduce us to a war against both Kaiju and their Alien race, as they launch a large scale invasion of Earth! This would account for the need to have smaller, more nimble ground troops in addition to #Jaegers, since the hostile aliens controlling the Kaiju are relatively Human-sized themselves. In addition to the militant type vehicle above, another host of set photos show off a futuristic civilian vehicle, as well as what looks to be a Kaiju shelter or warning station. The graphics above big red buttons resemble the #Knifehead #Kaiju from the first #PacificRim movie. Big thanks to Tim for snapping those photos! @tango255 at Instagram Source: @scifiedcom

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The final Instagram post is accompanied with some intriguing insight into the potential plot of Pacific Rim: Uprising. It’s by no means official, but it does give some context as to why John Boyega (Jake Pentecost) and Scott Eastwood (Nate Lamber) were seen running around the streets in their Jaeger gear in previous set pics. Perhaps they’ll also spearhead the human resistance from a ground level? We’ll find out soon enough.

Pacific Rim: Uprising deploys into theaters on February 23rd, 2018. Jing Tian, Lana Condor, Cailee Spaeny, Adria Arjona and Ukrainian up-and-comer Ivanna Sakhno co-star.

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