New International Trailer For Noah Brings On The Flood


When Darren Aronofsky built his own ark for Noah, he actually made it bigger than the original Biblical specifications. If the footage that we’ve seen so far is any indication, then the film itself also seems to elaborate on the Biblical story of a man, a flood, and a whole boatload of animals.

Today sees the release of a new international trailer for Noah, which is geared specifically for the Japanese market, and includes some Japanese voiceover and subtitles that I presume properly translates the platitudes being howled by Russell Crowe and his arch-nemesis Ray Winstone.

Beyond the requisite visions of death and destruction, Noah also has to deal with a number of angry heathens (I think), sweeping earthly destruction, and the logistics of getting all those animals onto that little bitty ark. While this trailer is largely composed of scenes that we already saw with the first domestic trailer, it does give one or two new glimpses of some of the cast members (including Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly), as well as a bit more destruction with fire and water, just for kicks.

Noah is obviously going to be a visually impressive film, which we have come to expect from Aronofsky. Whether it will be a compelling retelling of the well-known narrative though is another matter altogether. It is a tough job to take a famous story that still has religious resonance for a number of people and translate it into a big blockbuster-type motion picture. It will be interesting to see how Aronofsky deals with the religious and secular implications of the Noah story without alienating any or all of his viewership.

Come hell or high water, Noah will be in theatres on March 28, 2014.