International TV Spot For Spider-Man: Homecoming Swings Online


Underoos! Marvel has today premiered the first international TV spot for Spider-Man: Homecoming and in it, we get to see a handful of new shots from Jon Watts’ upcoming 2017 reboot.

What’s interesting here is that the snippet actually opens with a sequence from this year’s Captain America: Civil War, showcasing Tony Stark calling upon his secret weapon from Queens, New York. Not only does it serve as a welcome primer for the Homecoming footage, but it’s also an exciting reminder that Robert Downey Jr.’s genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist holds a fairly significant role in next year’s superhero blockbuster.

Embracing the ‘cool uncle’ mantle, we know from previous trailers that Stark gifts Peter Parker with old-school, underarm web wings, but it’s really the near-effortless chemistry between both Downey Jr. and Tom Holland that has us really excited going into Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Because let’s face it; one thing that Homecoming looks to have in spades is blockbuster action. In going up against Michael Keaton’s sneering Vulture, Parker will be forced into defending the city he knows and loves – not to mention those he holds near and dear – and at least based on early promos, the scene involving Vulture’s attack on a hapless boat is shaping up to be one of the film’s marquee set pieces, one that even evokes memories of the thrilling train sequence from Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is booked in for release on July 7, 2017. It’ll herald Tom Holland’s second screen appearance as the iconic Web-Head, and with a Homecoming sequel already earmarked for 2019, the fan-favorite English actor can look forward to a very bright future in the MCU and beyond.