The Internet Is Loving Netflix’s Steamy New Thriller


We all deal with being in lockdown in different ways. Some of us by learning a musical instrument, some by writing a novel, and some by binging the nearly infinite library of new and old TV shows available on streaming services. Others, meanwhile, watch and rave about a horny and sinister thriller to have hit Netflix a few days ago.

Fatal Affair revolves around Ellie, a successful attorney who begins working with David, an old friend from college. After a few catch-up drinks, they almost hook up in a nightclub bathroom until Ellie stops things and goes back to her husband Marcus and attempts to rekindle their marriage after the two of them began to grow distant. Unfortunately, David begins stalking her and attempts to ingratiate himself into her life in increasingly demanding ways, the scenes becoming more ominous and controlling as the movie progresses and his questionable past is revealed.

Despite the film having a generic title and dialogue reminiscent of a Lifetime melodrama, some viewers have found much to like in its histrionic plotting that comes straight out of the ‘90s, as evidenced below.


The film was directed and co-written by Peter Sullivan, who was similarly responsible for giving the world the glorious trashfire that is creepy thriller Secret Obsession, and hits many of the same beats. Everything that happens in the movie is entirely predictable and at points utterly laughable, and sometimes it’s exactly that kind of tawdry drivel that people need in their viewing choices.

Fatal Affair might not have the potential to set the world alight, but in our current society where entertainment is keeping many housebound people sane, we take distraction where we can get it. And if that entertainment happens to be watching some glorified DTV nonsense on Netflix that gives people comfort, then they should have at it.