The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Idris Elba Getting Coronavirus


Another celebrity has revealed they’ve got coronavirus. Idris Elba took to social media today to share a video letting his fans know that he’s tested positive for COVID-19. The Hobbs & Shaw star’s news follows on from a selection of other famous faces coming down with the virus, which is sweeping the globe. Most notably, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been hit with it, and they’ve been keeping their followers updated during their quarantine in Australia all week.

The internet is still recovering from the news that Hanks has got the illness, so it came as a huge shock to folks online that another beloved actor has contracted it, too. The British performer shared his update on Monday afternoon and since then, Twitter’s been aflame with fans reacting in shock, horror and with jokes.

Trust me, there are a LOT of tweets like this one.

Michael Scott and Elba’s character on The Office didn’t get alongbut look, even he’s saddened by the news.

It should have been us!

Why do bad things happen to good Asgardians?

How dare it.

This is one way of looking at it…


Thor is coming after you, coronavirus.

Though we’re all concerned about him, Elba made clear in his video that he’s doing ok. In fact, he explained that he got himself tested, even though he wasn’t displaying any symptoms, because someone he knew also had it.

The Avengers: Infinity War star encouraged “transparency” and for anyone even feeling slightly ill to get themselves checked out. As for everyone else, he advocated for social distancing and maintaining good hygiene, particularly washing your hands. As he says in his caption, people should look out for each other in this time of crisis and not panic.

Idris Elba, we’re all wishing you well. Stay safe while you’re watching over the Bifrost!