Iron Man And Scarlet Witch Battle The Iron Legion In New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Comic-Con Posters

Age of Ultron

Shortly after revealing some cool Ant-Man concept art in the form of a Comic-Con poster, Marvel Studios has unveiled new SDCC-exclusive posters for Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well. The two new posters are free for fans who visit the Marvel booth tonight, though supplies are limited, so if you’re at SDCC, get to booth #2329 quickly if you want to pick one of these up.

The two posters feature Iron Man and Scarlet Witch facing off against the Iron Legion, an army of evil robots controlled by Tony Stark’s latest creation-gone-wrong, Ultron. Stark created the Legion to help protect the world without having to don his own armor, but he didn’t expect his latest artificial intelligence to go rogue and target humanity.

These two posters appear to be the first of many, as Marvel has released an official statement that suggests more will be available throughout the week:

“Headed to San Diego Comic-Con? Don’t miss out on what are sure to be some of the hottest items of the convention, these posters featuring concept art from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”!

Make sure to stop by the Marvel booth, #2329, to pick up these free posters while supplies last! These two posters are only available during Preview Night, while supplies last. Today’s posters feature artwork of Iron Man by Ryan Meinerding as well as a poster by Andy Park of Scarlet Witch.

Once these two character posters are gone, then they’re gone. But maybe if you check back tomorrow, we’ll have something else in store. Maybe. Keep up with all things Marvel at SDCC by keeping your eyes on and following @Marvel on Twitter!”

What do you think of the Iron Man and Scarlet Witch posters? If you’re at SDCC, will you be making a trip to the Marvel booth to pick some up? Sound off in the comments.

Directed by Joss Whedon, Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st, 2015.

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  1. Queefer Sutherlandsays:


  2. DisqusVsays:

    Lame. We’re supposed to believe a robot has come alive, replicated itself, that mythological gods and “witchcraft” exist, etc… but a headpiece on Scarlet Witch is too much. LOL.

    1. Jamessays:

      We’re not supposed to believe they’re “real,” they’re in a movie…movies are not real. Maybe I need to repeat that, MOVIES ARE NOT REAL! Or are you 3 years old and still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny too?

      1. DisqusVsays:

        @James You’ll learn about suspension of disbelief probably in the 4th grade. It’s only a few years off.

    2. boywithbluehangersays:

      Exactly. I said the same thing about Hawkeye. Everyone excuse is, “That’s because it’s too cheesy!!”. Yet if I told them 5 years ago that I thought Marvel should make a movie where Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Iron-Man all team up to become The Avengers in hopes to thwart an alien invasion led by Loki, they’d say THAT was cheesy too.

      The real answer is: A lot of people will accept anything that they’re given and if the movies play it safe, they’ll defend it to no end – but not before first looking elsewhere to see that it’s widely accepted or bashed. When people lack an opinion, that’s what they do.

      1. The Walking Cubansays:

        Just look at Thor. No helmet. IM3, barely ever suited up. And Ruffalo against Planet Hulk. My point is, these actors want their faces on screen. The worst offenders are Fox though. Wolverine. THAT is a travesty.

      2. boywithbluehangersays:

        I agree. I’ve been saying this ever since the Spider-Man movies. At the end of each Raimi/Spidey film, Tobey Macguire conveniently had his mask ripped off. And the cover of the most popular Avengers DVD/Bluray, both Iron Man and Cap are without their masks.

      3. The Walking Cubansays:

        He wore it more than Logan though. Can’t even call em wolverine!

      4. boywithbluehangersays:

        Yea it’s really stupid. I can understand their hesitance pre-Spidey flicks but after the success of that, they should have just let Wolvie wear the mask when on missions or SOMETHING! It’s bad enough that the movies sparked the comics/TV overhaul of him going from a “fake-loner”, anti-establishment, tough guy, wildcard to an educated-sounding team leader. The least they could do is let him wear the mask.

      5. The Walking Cubansays:


      6. DisqusVsays:

        @Boywithbluehanger Do you think they do these silly inconsistencies to avoid (full) royalties to Jack Kirby or their creator?

      7. boywithbluehangersays:

        I suppose that’s possible. But I highly doubt it because any group of well-skilled lawyers could easily prove that the characters they’ve used in the movies are visually inspired directly from the original creations. Plus I believe that Marvel owns the film rights to these characters and any additional usage of the characters as well.

    3. Ultronsays:

      Well do we know for sure she won’t get one by the end of the movie? It would be really awesome if she did.

    4. Thomassays:

      It’s a Movie not Real DUH……

      1. DisqusVsays:

        @Thomas Its called “suspension of belief” defined as a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment. Triple Duh

  3. Greg Millersays:

    Marvel can fall off the Earth for all I care, I’m pissed about the female Thor and Black Captain America.

  4. Viper19114 .says:

    Lets see…… Thor is now a woman……..Captain America is now Black……….
    What is next….. Iron Man being Spanish ??????????????

  5. oldschoolggsexsays:

    Tony Stark DID NOT create Ultron..go into any library having the oringinal 1980’s and older paperback books to see Hank Pym was the the creator of Ultron-Todays Marvel Producers is not staying with continuity with the Ultimates, Nick Fury and the Commandoes comic shows Nick never was a black man-you wouldnt take the John Henry black legend and change him into a whiteguy would you?! Thor never was a woman! These Marvel producers films are much like Michael Bays robot reject films, Jetfire/SkyFire in last movie as a rough talking pirate fighter? NO! In the comic SkyFire WAS A SCIENTIST and friend of Skyscream on Cybertron… you dont argue with people whos been there who witnessed when the event occurred! Maketing today is taking the classics to hell, new generation wont have no idea what good quality is no thanks to idiot producers

    1. PK68says:

      It’s a movie, not the comic book. They’re changing it up. Calm down. It’s Whedon after all he knows what he’s doing.

    2. bodakanesays:

      WTF? Did you just compare changing John Henry’s race to changing Nick Fury’s? Go home, stare in a mirror, concentrate real hard and practice thinking.

      1. Thomassays:

        Naaa That’s to Hard For Some People These Days!!!!!

    3. Ultronsays:

      Dude, get over it already. Iron Man will be creating Ultron. You can probably blame Edgar Wright for it not being Pym, seeing as how that movie was supposed to be in phase 1.

      1. The Walking Cubansays:

        8 years. Yes. I blame Wright.

      2. oldschoolggsexsays:

        Dude,lot of people will never get over it. Its proven by any comic con…visit most comic cons and see how many of the old oringinal Marvel and DC Comic outfits are used, thats one of very few things keeping the older style continuity going which todays wet-behind-the-ears producers dont care about,for example, the 1990s Justice Leaque live action movie was horrible because of cheap production not spending on costume details and on actors/actresses who actually look like who they are supposed to represent.

      3. You sucksays:

        you’re probably one of those old tycoons who has nothing but bitter words to say about not fitting the needs of ‘your’ timeline. Marvel will continue to rehash stories because the characters never get old – the stories do. Appreciate it as a new rendition, not as a falacy to writing/cinematics. love it or hate it, everyone else will enjoy it I’m sure.

    4. JUSROMANsays:

      You sound like a real cry baby right about now…..

    5. I know Tony Stark didn’t creat Ultron in the comics and guess what? I don’t care! As long as they tell a compelling story, Hawkeye could creat Ultron and I wouldn’t blink twice. People need to let go of these details. They won’t make or break the movie.

      1. Thyomassays:

        Picky Picky Picky!!!!!!

      2. DisqusVsays:

        @Astronaut_Mike_Dexter:disqus You’re the undiscriminating audience for who they’re looking. They could interchange the actors, costumes, and characters throughout the movie and you’d probably not care.

      3. Please. There’s a difference between just randomly swapping out actors/costumes and slightly changing one small detail in an origin story. Having Stark be Ultron’s creator is not going to rock the very storytelling foundation of the MCU. Comic nerds will know the difference (and even I know the difference despite not having read Age of Ultron) but it won’t have a significant effect on the story.

  6. SpideyLexsays:

    Sweet. Love the arrows in the SW poster.

  7. Trip Lsays:

    great i read the comics too. This is hollywood and you guys know that as long as it doesnt suck like the street fighter movie and mortal kombat god those were horror movies. I am open for them to change the story sad that pym is not going to be in the movie but i think its going to be awesome look at the rottetomatoe meter for guardians of the galaxy im going on opening night

  8. RockNRollinHoneyBadgersays:

    Scarlett Witch can be a total badass when she wants to. The House of M story lines were really good.

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