Is A Simpsons Sequel Coming Soon?

I stopped watching The Simpsons, not because I became bored with it but I didn’t have access to a TV when I first joined the military amd I just never picked it back up regularly. I did love the movie though, laughed nearly the entire way through. The success of the first movie would almost guarentee a sequel right? Executive producer, James L. Brooks, stated that a sequel has been given a good amount of thought and that they have already gone over ideas.

“We’re open to it, It was much harder than we anticipated. It took us a year to try and get to the point because we’re all so scared of ‘What are we going to do to the Simpsons’ and ‘What if the movie is no good?’ We were all so scared about that and I thought it took us a solid year of looking at each other to get to the point where we can get to the point where we don’t give a sh*t. It was a huge success and we’re very open to it and we have a beginning notion if we want to do it, but the series always comes first with us. The series is always primary to us.”

They said the same thing when word of the first movie was being tossed around, they’ll get to it eventually. I’m all for it, just don’t rush it. It’s hard to go wrong with The Simpsons, sure it has been around forever but it’s consistently entertaining. I’m sure most people would be up for seeing a second film and it’d be a good idea to make one.