Is it just us or is Ghostface scarier than ever in new ‘Scream VI’ images?

Ghostface in 'Scream' (2022)
Image via Paramount Pictures

Our first taste of Scream VI was finally unveiled today, and it could not have excited horror fans more. The teaser trailer takes the form of a clip from the upcoming sequel, highlighting a tense sequence in which the survivors of the last Woodsboro massacre realize Ghostface has stalked them to the New York subway. Although it does feature a Halloween-sized haul of easter eggs, the scene mostly promised that the franchise could be going scarier than ever in its next installment.

And that goes double after the release of this new image from the movie that indicates Ghostface could be more terrifying than we’ve ever seen him in Scream VI. As unveiled by Entertainment Weekly, the sneak peek pic showcases a unique take on the iconic villain’s design as his shiny white mask has been switched for a degraded version that’s chipped and cracked all over.

Calling back to Michael Myers’ similarly aged mask from Blumhouse’s Halloween trilogy, it has the effect of making Ghostface feel even more chilling.

This battered Ghostface mask is also showcased in the Scream VI poster, which likewise followed the teaser trailer.

There’s clearly some important reasoning behind this beaten-up mask as we know full well that the Ghostface costume is as easily available in-universe as it is in the real world. So can we assume that this is perhaps one of the original masks worn by Billy and Stu during the first killing spree of 1996? Is this a hint that Matthew Lillard is really returning as Stu this time, just as we thought might happen in the last film? We can only hope.

Scream VI is coming to spook us out of our seats this March 10, 2023.