Is there an end-credits scene for ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once?’

Michelle Yeoh
Image via a24/YouTube

It’s standard operating procedure for movie audiences to sit through the credits after the end of a superhero movie these days but mainstream non-genre films? Not so much. However, even though the movie doesn’t feature any web-slinging, shield-throwing, or heat vision (at least not that we noticed on our first watch), critical darling Everything Everywhere All at Once, with its reality-bending visuals and literal multiversal theme can easily be mistaken for a genre film and has some audiences wondering if they should’ve waited to leave the theater until after the lights came up.

So did you miss out? Was there an end sequence that may have teased the possibility of a sequel? Or even a franchise?

Short answer: No. There was no post-credit scene, or even a button to wink at the audience (The Batman, for example, had no sequence after the credits finally ran but did feature a website link). The whole story is divided into three parts: 1) Everything, 2) Everywhere, and 3) All at Once, the last sequence that serves, more or less as the film’s coda. In it, the family returns to the laundromat and attempts to resolve their tax issues with the incredibly named Deirdre Beaubeirdra, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The end sequence does resemble the type of post or mid-credits scenes so familiar to modern theater-goers, but, the Daniels, who directed and wrote the movie chose to lay all their cards on the table before any credits rolled.

There’s probably not much hope for a sequel as the Daniels seem inclined to find fresh offbeat material for each new project, but one never knows. Everything Everywhere All at Once has been pulling in almost unanimously good reviews and the film goes into wide release on April 8. The positive reception may result in a bigger box office and bigger reasons to pursue another installment.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is currently in theaters.