Is Tom Holland ready to take a break from acting?

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Tom Holland is poised to be in a state of gratitude and reflection as the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home has boasted fantastic reviews and grateful fans across the globe. In videos on social media, Holland has appeared tearful and emotional, sharing appreciation and thanks to those who support him. 

Holland has been giving interviews since the film’s big premiere, and he’s discussed several aspects of his role as Peter Parker and some things about his personal life as well. He is also aware that what he says can get twisted, and he is careful with how he speaks about his time with the MCU.

In a recent interview, Holland spoke about playing Spider-Man when he’s 30, and the quote was initially taken out of context. What he meant in that interview wasn’t that he didn’t want to continue being Spider-Man; he just knew that the role could be open to other players in the Spidey realm. He clarified his comments in a statement to ExtraTV.

“What I was referring to in that interview where I said, ‘If I was playing Spider-Man when I’m 30, I’ve done something wrong,’ is because I would be taking up an opportunity for someone to come in and change what being Spider-Man means. You know, Spider-Man can be more diverse, it could be a female character, it could be anything.”

He elaborated on that in another interview with People, noting that he doesn’t want to say goodbye to Spider-Man but that it might be time.

“I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been so grateful to Marvel and Sony for giving us the opportunity and keeping us on and allowing our characters to progress. It’s been amazing, and that’s why for me, I don’t want to say goodbye to Spider-Man — but I feel like we might be ready to say goodbye to Spider-Man.”

So what’s next for Holland in terms of his future, both in his career and personal life? Further speaking to People, Holland had this to say about his time in the entertainment industry and what he hopes his future holds.

“I’ve spent the last six years being so focused on my career. I want to take a break and focus on starting a family and figuring out what I want to do outside of this world.”

Holland elaborated on a future that involves children, sharing that he loves kids and can’t wait to be a dad.

“I love kids. I can’t wait to be a dad — I can wait and I will, but I can’t wait. If I’m at a wedding or a party, I’m always at the kids’ table hanging out. My dad’s been such a great role model for me. I think I’ve got that from him. So I think I’d be a primary school teacher or something like that.”

We certainly hope that the road for Holland holds the wishes of his heart in terms of children, family, and career. He’s a talented actor, an incredible Spider-Man, and someone we’d love to see more of in whatever roles come next.