Another It Deleted Scene Uncovers The Darker Side Of Henry Bowers


“Like lambs to a slaughter – wouldn’t you say, fellas?”

Even before the advent of Pennywise, Henry Bowers was always viewed as the demented, twisted bully of Derry. But it turns out Andy and Barbara Muschietti initially had another, extended arc in mind for Nicholas Hamilton’s mullet-wearing jock. And it’s much, much darker.

Included as part of the It Blu-ray, which will become available to all on January 9th, this disturbing deleted scene actually takes place outside the famous Neibolt house, as we see the Losers’ Club gear up for their final confrontation with Pennywise. Had things turned out differently, though, the audience would have caught a glimpse of Henry Bowers slipping into insanity, as Hamilton’s bully sparks up a conversation with his bloodied friends.

As the Losers Club heads into the Neibolt house, Henry sits in his car with his face covered in blood. Belch and Victor are dead with throats slit.

This is by no means the only deleted bit of footage to float online, as previous videos have showcased another peek at the Losers’ Club and an alternate opener in which Georgie skips away from Pennywise, arm still intact. It’s a jarring and frankly hilarious scene filmed with the sole intention of appearing on It‘s Blu-ray.

Speaking of which, New Line will serve up the goods when Muschietti’s wildly successful horror hit haunts Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, January 9th. This is only the beginning, though, what with It: Chapter Two set to banish Pennywise once and for all in 2019. Jessica Chastain as adult Bev, anyone?