It’s A Superhero Face-Off In New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Stills

As per Total Film’s special monthly issue, we’ve been bombarded with all manner of intriguing tidbits relating to the DC Expanded Universe and, in particular, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

From rumored cameo appearances that link standalone films with ensembles to the fact that The Dark Knight’s armored suit will be rendered entirely using CGI, the flurry of news has only resulted in fans pining for more information, and today, the outlet has debuted a set of new images spotlighting the revised Batmobile, Gal Gadot in normal guise as Diana Prince, and the title pairing squaring off.


They are, in essence, screengrabs from the show-stopping Comic-Con trailer, but the stills are enough to have us giddy with excitement about the film’s arrival in March of 2016. Part and parcel of that excitement comes down to how Dawn of Justice will anchor the DCEU, and from Empire’s recent cover of Suicide Squad, it’s clear that the universe beyond Zack Snyder’s blockbuster is quickly beginning to take shape.

In addition, the latest swell of speculation engulfing Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman film cite that Ben Affleck’s Batman could make a trip to the mystical isle of Themyscira, further strengthening the ties between the two superheroes, who will reportedly already have a good rapport by the time the prologue rolls on Batman V Superman.

Speaking of which, we also got confirmation that Snyder’s quasi-sequel will take place a full 18 months after the events of Man of Steel, while the film’s opening sequence – one which sees Bruce Wayne witness the city-levelling destruction first hand – will help dovetail the narrative gap between the two superhero features.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016.