It’s only July, but fans are already growing impatient for ‘Halloween Ends’

The Halloween Ends film is promising to do what the Halloween franchise has not over its decades of existence when it premieres in October. It will have a time jump, and an apparent twist ending, and fans are already demanding to see Laurie Strode’s latest final battle with the silent shape who has traumatized her, her hometown, and murdered her friends ASAP.

A series of tweets like the one above have been swarming the social media platform over the last few days and hours like an unstable mental patient with access to babysitters to kill. Producer Jason Blum does say in a post on his Twitter account from earlier this month a trailer is close to releasing, but nothing has come yet, and others are voicing their discontent with sad humor;

For another, wondering about what will happen in the piece sparked a callback to Halloween Resurrection and a subtle allusion to how the murderer Michael Myers was stopped. In their view, only Busta Rhymes is tough enough to ultimately save the holiday like he did in the 2002 film where he demonstrated some kung fu skills and knocked the unstoppable murderer into some wires;

Blum and the official account for the Halloween series have not posted anything about when a trailer may come as of this story being filed. For now, the fans’ wait continues, and the other movies with their multiple timelines are streaming on a variety of platforms, and the latest trilogy of movies is primarily overseen by David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, and John Carpenter on music.