Jackass 3.5 Coming Soon?

After the superb box office performance by Jackass 3D, Paramount has announced that it might not be long before we see Jackass 3.5. Jackass leader, Johnny Knoxville, has previously told us that a Jackass 3.5 would be coming to DVD but now it looks like Paramount wants to release it theatrically. Jackass 3.5 would take all the material that didn’t make it into Jackass 3D and create a film out of it.

When asked about Jackass 3.5, Johnny Knoxville said the following.

“We shot two movies’ worth of footage. We have so many bits that we never even turned in to Paramount because we were so swamped with ideas — funny stuff. The bits were just coming out of us left and right.”

Ryan Dunn also spoke on the issue and had this to say.

“We literally have enough footage for an entirely other movie. That was the hardest part of making this movie, it was cutting out the good stuff to fit it into an hour and a half.”

Usually, in most cases, the stuff that is cut out is the worst material. With that in mind, is Jackass 3.5 really a good idea? Did you think Jackass 2.5 was any good and would you pay theatrical prices to see Jackass 3.5?