James Cameron Reportedly Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger As A Villain In New Terminator Movie

Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 became such an iconic character that it’s easy to forget that he was the villain of The Terminator. James Cameron flipped the first movie on its head when it came to game-changing sequel Judgment Day, though, and from there on out, Arnie’s always fought alongside the good guys.

Ever since he cracked the A-list following the sci-fi action thriller’s initial success, Schwarzenegger has rarely ventured back towards the dark side, preferring to leverage his established persona as a no-nonsense and straightforward sort of hero. You tend to know exactly what you’re going to get when the action icon shows up on screen, and it’s definitely not going to be depth or any shades of grey.

The Terminator franchise is on hold once again now after Dark Fate marked the third reboot in a decade that was heavily hyped to deliver exactly the kind of sequel fans had been waiting for since 1991, only to fail in its mission. And when even the stars themselves are admitting that fans have lost interest in the series, then you know it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

It remains to be seen where the property will head from here, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that James Cameron wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the roots of the T-800 by breaking bad once more in the next Terminator movie and playing a villainous role. Of course, neither the filmmaker or star are officially attached to any future projects, and there’s been no word from rights holders Skydance Media about any concrete plans.

Meanwhile, Richtman has been delivering an almost constant stream of information about where Terminator is going next. As such, we’re best waiting to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth before jumping to any conclusions about what’s to come.