James Franco And Demian Gregory Ink Four-Picture Deal; First Up Is The Game


Like him or lump him, James Franco continues to be one of the busiest bees in Hollywood – not just in front of the camera, but also on the other side of the lens, where he’s developed a repertoire of producing and filmmaking skills. That streak will continue via Zeroville and The Masterpiece, a feature film primed to recount the story behind the cinematic car crash known as The Room.

No word yet on a release date for that one, but the latest development to arise from the Franco camp involves a new four-picture deal with Demian Gregory which will, according to Deadline, kick into gear with The Game.

Not to be confused with David Fincher’s unnerving thriller of the same name, The Game is to be based on Neil Strauss’ New York Times bestseller, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, which has simmered on the fringes of development for the better part of a decade. Similar to other features under this new deal, it’ll be tethered with a production budget between $15 million-$20 million, with Franco set to take point as Mystery, a man who serves as Strauss’ wingman in the book.

Reflecting on this deal, here’s what the author had to share about the endearing nature of his novel and why, ten years after it was first published, it still harbors the ability to spark conversation.

Nearly every person I meet has a strong opinion on The Game, whether they’ve read it or not. For some, it changed their lives and led to marriage and children. For others, it is the one of the most terrifying things to ever happen to the dating world. For me, it is both, but I’m forever grateful for my time in the underground world of pick-up artists because it showed me that a guy who had given up all hope of ever being comfortable with himself and others could change.

No word yet of a director to roll the dice on The Game, but we’ll be keeping track of this one as it nears active production.