James Gunn didn’t know Celestials would be in ‘Eternals’

With a movie franchise as vast and complicated as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is somewhat unsurprising that even Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn doesn’t always have the inside scoop. Gunn had no idea the mythological and god-like beings known as the Celestials would show up in the Chloe Zhao-directed Eternals.

While Gunn is known to be an extremely hands-on director in the comic book franchise, with him writing and creating the storyboards for each of the Guardians movies himself, that doesn’t necessarily mean he has unfettered access to what will or will not appear in other Marvel movies.

Case in point: Gunn took to Twitter Monday to clarify that he didn’t know there would be Celestials in Eternals, despite Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II antagonist Ego (Kurt Russell) being one such creature.

Gunn clarified that while he didn’t necessarily realize Eternals would have Celestials until the movie was released, he did hear a couple of years back about the heavenly being known as Arishem — a character who appears in Eternals — making his way to MCU. But understandably, there was a lot on his mind, and he forgot about it.

Interestingly, as one Twitter user pointed out, we even get a glimpse really early on in the MCU of a Celestial in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, albeit in the form of the severed head of a now-deceased Celestial that is now known as “Knowhere” and is the home of the cosmic mining colony Exitar, according to the MCU’s Fandom Wiki.

We’ll continue reveling in all of Gunn‘s behind-the-scenes teases on Twitter and keep you abreast of any updates as well.