James Gunn dishes ‘Guardians’ lore about Groot’s favorite candy

We’re getting a peek behind the lore in the delightfully in-depth world of the spacefaring Guardians of the Galaxy superhero film series from none other than director James Gunn.

The Slither director is known for giving behind-the-scenes tidbits and insights about the mythology of his films on Twitter.

The latest social media post was in response to a fan’s query where noticed Vin Diesel’s Baby Groot, the cute CGI talking tree in the films, eating what appeared to be skittles in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II.

“They are definitely not Skittles,” Gunn wrote. “But Baby Groot apparently picked up Star-Lord’s love of space candy.”

He added that you can see the candy wrappers all over the ship of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, in the first Guardians film. Check out the tweet for yourself right here.

Upon a closer look at the candies, though they are colorful like Skittles, they do appear to be more flat and square than the beloved Terran candies.

The bit of minutia is yet another reason we love Gunn’s ability to have a deep explanation for something seemingly innocuous in his movies.

A previous example of this was Gunn sharing how all the elements of the design and function of the Laser Drill in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II was actually blueprinted by the director himself on a whiteboard sketch with dry-erase markers.

We’ll have to see whether the coveted candies make a comeback when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III, which is currently under production, releases on May 5, 2023.