James Gunn hilariously destroys a troll who clearly has no clue how nepotism works

james gun jennifer holland
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Throughout his career, James Gunn has been known to work with a regular band of collaborators who more often than not can be guaranteed to appear in his latest project whatever it may be, a troupe that consists of such names as his brother Sean Gunn, Nathan Fillion, Steve Agee, Michael Rooker, and of course, wife Jennifer Holland.

Obviously, Gunn isn’t the only filmmaker in the industry who returns to the casting well over and over again, but one unlucky troll made the fatal mistake of crying nepotism in a situation that absolutely doesn’t warrant the accusations at all. The saga began when the Guardians of the Galaxy director celebrated Holland making it onto IMDb’s STARMeter for 2022.

That’s innocent enough on its own, but when somebody made the bizarre decision to insinuate that Gunn somehow played a part in which names users of the website had been searching more than others over the course of the year, the DC Studios co-CEO left them lying in smoldering social media heap after dishing out utter annihilation.

The most concerning thing might be the fact the troll in question doesn’t seem to comprehend how IMDb actually works, but it isn’t the first time Gunn has been forced to tackled wild conspiracy theories head-on. After all, he was recently accused of running a burner account so he can enthusiastically reply to his own tweets, which is nuts when you remember how often he’s bitten back against negative opinions and Marvel vs. DC tribalism.

He might be a high-flying executive these days, but Gunn’s Twitter finger remains quick on the draw.