James Gunn Responds To Snyder Cut Fans Review Bombing The Suicide Squad


As much as it might pain a lot of fans to hear it, the SnyderVerse as we know it is over unless something drastic changes behind the scenes at Warner Bros. following the Discovery merger, and even then the filmmaker is tied to Netflix for the next two years and has a slew of projects in development that could realistically keep him busy for a lot longer than that.

The good news is that Snyder’s fingerprints remain all over the DCEU, with several stars he cast headlining their own solo movies, while Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller are technically SnyderVerse alumni having interacted with Ben Affleck’s Batman, and both can be seen in The Suicide Squad this coming Friday.

Unfortunately, it appears as though either a handful of militant SnyderVerse fans or bots have started review-bombing James Gunn’s standalone sequel on IMDb, a similar situation to the one that befell Godzilla vs. Kong earlier this year. A fan asked the writer and director what he thought of the situation, and as you can see below, his response was about as diplomatic as you’d expect.

While it’s a very small minority, it isn’t a good look for the SnyderVerse fandom as a whole if a rogue few continue to make them look bad as a collective by review-bombing DCEU movies that aren’t connected to the Justice League mythology. Based on nothing but the critical consensus so far, The Suicide Squad could realistically be named the best installment the franchise has ever delivered, although it’ll be interesting to see whether or not it can trouble the Snyder Cut’s series-high 94% audiences rating on Rotten Tomatoes.