Zack Snyder’s Netflix Deal Could Lead To Multiple SnyderVerses

Zack Snyder

Any lingering hopes for the resurrection and restoration of the DCEU’s SnyderVerse looked to have been extinguished for the foreseeable future after Zack Snyder‘s Stone Quarry Productions signed an exclusive first-look development deal with Netflix, a move that everyone was admittedly expecting him to make.

However, where one SnyderVerse ends, several more could be set to begin. As you may have guessed looking at his filmography, Snyder hasn’t inked a Netflix contract to make intimate character-driven dramas, but what he describes as “big projects and big movies” on “an epic scale,” and the streaming service is sure to hand him all of the creative freedom he didn’t get when his company was working under Warner Bros..

We know for a fact that we’re getting at least two brand new SnyderVerses, with an Army of the Dead sequel bringing the rapidly-expanding lore up to a pair of feature films, a live-action prequel and an animated companion series, setting it up as one of the platform’s marquee multimedia properties.

His reworked Star Wars spinoff Rebel Moon was announced with the intention of launching feature length follow ups and TV shows, and given his desire to make movies on the largest possible canvas, there’s every chance his spin on Arthurian lore set in the American West could also become a reality, potentially setting up another SnyderVerse that puts a fresh coat of paint on the Knights of the Round Table.

Snyder is additionally producing an original actioner to be helmed by his longtime second unit director and stunt coordinator Damon Caro, and when the Russos took that exact same approach with Sam Hargrave, it quickly snowballed into an entire Extraction universe. Throw in the Norse-inspired Twilight of the Gods, and there’s anywhere up to five SnyderVerses in the works for Netflix spanning live-action and animated film and television.