James Gunn steps in to clear the air on Wonder Woman after another explosive report on the DCU’s future

gal gadot wonder woman 1984
via Warner Bros.

Another day, another bombshell report claiming to offer the inside track on what the future may or may not hold for James Gunn‘s DCU. Fortunately, the co-CEO is well-known for debunking and addressing online speculation as soon as it catches his attention, with the latest incendiary examination of the franchise quickly being debunked.

As far as we’ve been led to believe, Wonder Woman 3 remains on the back burner after Patty Jenkins wound up walking away from the threequel altogether, which inevitably led to chatter than Gal Gadot’s superpowered goose was also pretty well cooked. Needless to say, talk of Diana Prince sitting out the first three years of the new DCU didn’t go down well with fans, but Gunn was rapid in reassuring the disgruntled masses there was nothing to worry about.

There’s still been no official confirmation as to whether or not Gadot has been removed from The Flash, with Henry Cavill’s Superman also shooting a cameo that was immediately rendered every bit as pointless as it was unnecessary when the canonical Kal-El was unceremoniously ushered to the exit shortly after the release of Black Adam.

It’s all change and all systems go at the same time for Gunn and Peter Safran, then, not an easy task to pull off when the former is still committed to Marvel Studios until May’s release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We’ve been told to expect new announcements imminently, leaving us very curious to discover what’s going to survive the cull.

From the sounds of it, though, Wonder Woman’s stay of execution may have just been extended.