Jamie Lee Curtis Is Battered And Bruised In Halloween Kills BTS Photo

Image via Universal Pictures

Blumhouse face a tough task in trying to keep awareness levels of Halloween Kills high for another eleven months, with the promotional campaign already starting to kick up a notch or two before the slasher sequel was delayed by an entire year. There’s been no shortage of behind the scenes and set images revealed from the twelfth installment in the long-running series, but so far, the only footage we’ve seen has been very brief teaser trailers.

Jason Blum is adamant that Halloween Kills is arriving in theaters in October of 2021 no matter what, and surely the industry will have returned to something at least resembling normality by then. The producer didn’t even want to delay the movie in the first place, but with virtually no major titles hitting the big screen for the rest of the year, it was the smarter decision in the long run to protect the earning potential of what will no doubt be a box office success.

Jamie Lee Curtis, meanwhile, may be 61 years old now, but the franchise stalwart has shown us that she’s not above putting herself through the wars in the name of our entertainment, and you can check out the actress’ latest BTS image from Halloween Kills below.

Michael Myers was never going to make things easy for his archenemy Laurie Strode, and based on the cuts and scratches in the image above, the legendary scream queen will end up regretting her decision to trap him in a burning house and simply hope that the fire would kill him off for good. After all, we already know from the first Halloween Kills teaser that she’s skeptical that the iconic serial killer is truly out of the picture.

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