Jamie Lee Curtis feeling her age after stumbling on ‘Halloween II’ promo

Since John Carpenter’s Halloween released back in 1978, Jamie Lee Curtis has become a household name as one of the most iconic ‘final girls’ in the horror genre. After recently celebrating 44 years of portraying babysitter Laurie Strode, Curtis has received yet another reminder of her infamous role all these years later in the form of a television ad poster.

With filming on the final installment in David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy underway, Curtis is in her Laurie Strode frame of mind as she took to Instagram to repost a vintage promo from Halloween II for CBS.

“This made me feel f*cking old,” Curtis succinctly wrote in the caption. The aforementioned post, uploaded by the official Halloween account, showcases the original trio from the 1981 movie, including Curtis’ Strode, Donald Pleasence as Dr. Samuel Loomis, and Dick Warlock as Michael Myers.

Halloween II immediately follows the events of the opener, and sees Laurie Strode now in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital after her intense first encounter with Michael. The sequel is perhaps most known for being the film that introduced the storyline of the two arch-nemeses as brother and sister, which explains why Michael is after her.

Curtis will reprise her iconic role in Halloween Ends, which takes place four years after the chaotic events of Halloween Kills. In this trilogy, however, Michael and Laurie are not related at all — though tensions are just as high.