Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects On 40 Years Of Halloween In New Featurette


Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green give us some insight into the on-set atmosphere behind the horror hit with this newly shared featurette.

Though four decades have past since John Carpenter first brought this slasher series into existence, Curtis argues that much has stayed the same over the years, claiming that the new Blumhouse Production is just another case of a group of best friends coming together to make a movie.

“I think this could be forty years ago,” Curtis tells Green. “I swear to God.”

Sure enough, the lead actress isn’t the only partaker in the 1978 original who’s been carried over into the new Blumhouse production. The heroine was able to reunite with her old assailant as the original Michael Myers actor, Nick Castle, also joined the cast for some voice work and a quick cameo behind the mask.

At the same time, Castle has previously stated that one major difference between the two projects is that the newer team understands and appreciates the cherished property that they’re dealing with:

“The one thing that was absolutely, totally different, but so sweet, was how, not referential they were of doing something that was so important to so many people, but they understood the stakes involved, that they were mad fans of the original one. They loved not only my performance but they … which I loved … they loved my films. That made it very different and special.”

One more returning player from the first movie is director Carpenter himself. The legendary filmmaker resumed his duty as composer, and reportedly relished the opportunity to take advantage of modern recording technology. Carpenter may not have wanted his film to have any sequels, but he seems pretty happy with how this new flick turned out, calling it the best entry in the series since the original.

Given the box office numbers that this latest Halloween is doing, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already seen it, but if not, then you’d do well to find out for yourself if Green’s film honors the legacy of the original.

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