Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Halloween 2 Scene That Makes Her Mad

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed during an interview with USA Today the most frustrating scene she has ever filmed in the Halloween franchise. 

Curtis made her movie debut in 1978’s Halloween as Laurie Strode, the sister of serial killer Michael Myers. She later appeared in six other instalments, including the latest sequel Halloween Kills.

The 63-year-old told the publication on Oct.14 the worst scene she has shot was from 1981’s Halloween II. The reason behind the admission was because she claimed she got hurt filming that iconic moment. 

Halloween II continues from the original movie with Curtis’ character being rushed to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital following Myers’ attack as Dr. Loomis – Myers’ psychiatrist from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium– hunts him down before he finds his sister. 

In the infamous scene, Curtis hides from her brother in a car when a paramedic named Jimmy (Lance Guest) enters and tries to get them out of the hospital parking lot. He ultimately passes out on the horn, giving away their location after suffering injuries from hitting his head on the floor. Once Myers locates her, she then falls out of a car onto the hospital parking lot and crawls for help.

Curtis said while recounting that particular event, “[I bruised] the s–t out of my left hip, and then crawls on the ground, breaking her nails on the asphalt, and gets to the doors where she squeaks out a “help!” “It makes no freaking sense. The help’s there, and she can’t scream. That makes me kind of crazy.”

Halloween Kills is out now.