Jared Leto breaks down ‘Morbius’ fight scene, reveals movie details

Speaking exclusively with IGN, Morbius star Jared Leto, broke down the most recent action-packed scene, detailing how the cast and crew put together an integral scene in the upcoming film.

WARNING: slight spoilers ahead.

The detailed scene revolves around Morbius’s transition into his vampiric-powered version, but of course, through the process thrills ensue as all hell breaks loose. Taking place aboard a containership in international waters where all laws are forgotten as Dr. Micheal Morbius tries to cure his disease by meddling with science.

Yet after Morbius’s transformation, so begins the action, when gunmen set upon the doctor aboard the ship, Morbius is given the chance to test his newfound skills including super-strength, super speed, enhanced agility, radar senses, and of course his sharpened teeth and claws.

Morbius director Daniel Espinosa told IGN, that the scene in conversation details Dr. Morbius trying to cure his fatal disease but in doing so catastrophic consequences occur.

“This is the scene where Morbius commits the fundamental sin against himself that will motivate him, not just to change himself, but to become the hero that we want him to be. This is the scene when Peter Parker loses Ben.”

While behind the scenes IGN’s Joshua Yehl learned that it took three different sets to film the one scene, a real containership for exterior shots, a set built laboratory that acted as an open space for Dr. Morbius to work in, and an actual chocolate factory that was filled with pipes and machines that acted as the interior of the containership. Executive producer Louise Rosner said to IGN that the many sets were needed to show off Morbius’s skills.

“We’ve found a location where you get a lot more depth and a lot more mystery because we’re not really showing the character of Morbius here. It’s much more glimpses of him. So, we needed to find places to hide him and to really feel like the original Alien, that kind of pressure and suspense.”

Such an important scene for a character and their pivotal transformation into a horrifying creature there needed to be concentrated effort put into the sequence, and though fans haven’t been too excited since the last trailer, producer Lucas Foster spoke on the transformation or Morbius.

“The moment that Dr. Michael Morbius becomes Morbius is an unforgettable moment. And we’re doing everything we can to make that feel emotionally powerful. It’s kind of a one-way door that he passes through. So, it’s an important moment for the character, and it’s an important moment for the movie.”

The scene breakdown exclusively given to IGN details just how monstrous Jared Leto’s Morbius becomes, and though comic fans know that Morbius ends up becoming an anti-hero, detailing his dark side is pivotal for the growth of a character and the overall film. The upcoming film also stars Matt Smith, Tyrese Gibson, Adria Arjona, and Michael Keaton returning as Vulture.

Morbius releases 28 January 2022.