Jared Leto Reportedly Wants Zack Snyder To Direct Joker Solo Movie


The Snyder Cut of Justice League is guaranteed to be a massive success when it hits HBO Max in March based entirely on the huge built-in audience who have been patiently waiting for years to see the director’s original vision for the DCEU epic. However, there are question marks over how interested more casual viewers who haven’t been tracking the project’s tortured development will be.

After all, you’d imagine more than a few people would balk at the idea of sitting through a four-hour version of a movie that was panned by critics and bombed at the box office the first time around, especially when Snyder as a filmmaker tends to divide opinion. His signature aesthetic and visual flourishes excite and irritate in equal measure, and then there’s his penchant for overindulgence.

There’s a reason why the extended editions of Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Batman V Superman are all vastly superior to the theatrical releases, because Snyder struggles to rein in his impulses with the studio looking over his shoulder. However, one constant throughout his career is that his actors always speak very highly of him.

Jared Leto only boarded Justice League for the reshoots and won’t appear in the Snyder Cut for more than a couple of minutes, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the Academy Award winner wants the 54 year-old to helm a solo Joker movie. Of course, such a project hasn’t been announced yet and Leto isn’t committed to anything despite the huge amount of rumors and speculation sweeping the internet, but you’d imagine that he signed a multi-picture contract when he boarded the DCEU for Suicide Squad.

Most of these deals tend to be for three movies, too, so theoretically after Justice League there could be one left, and Warner Bros. might look to capitalize if his Joker gets a much better reception the second time around.