Jared Leto would love for Morbius to meet Spider-Man

Image via Sony/Marvel

In less than three weeks, Morbius finally comes to theaters at long last, with the latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe having originally been scheduled for release in July 2020.

Even though Hollywood’s other shared series of Marvel movies is still only in the nascent stages, the studio will be hoping that the goodwill generated by Venom, sequel Let There Be Carnage, and Tom Holland’s web-slinging solo trilogy is enough to convince audiences that Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire is worth their time.

Of course, fans have many questions as to where exactly in the multiverse Morbius fits in, given that the various trailers and TV spots have featured iconography from four different franchises, but the presence of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes at least indicates that a crossover with Holland’s Peter Parker isn’t out of the question.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the Critics Choice Awards red carpet, Leto openly admitted that he’s love to end up in the same orbit as the friendly neighborhood superhero one day.

“I’ll tell you, I would love to get in the ring with Spider-Man. I think Tom Holland is amazing, and we’d make quite a dynamic duo.” 

Outside of demands to have Andrew Garfield installed as the canonical Spidey of the Sony universe, all signs point to the interconnected saga culminating in a Sinister Six spinoff that would hypothetically involve Leto’s Morbius, Tom Hardy’s Venom, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter and more.

If that turns out to be the case, then the Academy Award winner will get his wish eventually.