Jason Bourne Closes In On The Iron Hand Program In Latest Spot For Universal Reboot


You have no idea what you’re dealing with. That’s the tagline tethered to much of the marketing material pouring onto the Internet for Jason Bourne, and given that Universal is primed to reintroduce the CIA’s most deadly agent in only a few weeks’ time, we’re inclined to believe them.

Heralding the reunion of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon as the titular weapon of mass chaos, the studio’s franchise revival is said to be rooted in a post-Snowden world, exploring questionable government surveillance, sleeper agents and much more.

Offering but a small glimpse of Greengrass’ vision, Universal has today premiered a brand new TV spot for next month’s actioner which, much like the spoiler-filled one that infiltrated the interwebs last week, ought to be avoided if you’re hoping to go into Jason Bourne with a relatively blank slate. In short: it features some seemingly pertinent plot points revolving around Bourne’s past as our hardboiled agent leaves no stone unturned in his hunt for the truth.

Rubbing shoulders with Matt Damon’s lethal operative are newcomers Tommy Lee Jones and the seemingly omnipresent Alicia Vikander. They’ll be rounding out an ensemble that also comprises Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel, Ato Essandoh, Scott Shepherd and Riz Ahmed in undisclosed roles.

Expect Jason Bourne to sneak into theaters on July 29, potentially jump-starting a brand new series of Bourne movies at Universal in the process.