Jason Clarke Says There’s No Better Actor To Play James Bond Than Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has long since been established as the frontrunner to inherit the mantle of James Bond from Daniel Craig once No Time to Die finally arrives later this year, even though the actor has yet to publicly confirm or deny whether or not he has any vested interest in donning the iconic tux and tying himself down to the legendary franchise.

There were reports making the rounds last year that he’d already been cast in secret and everyone was just waiting for Craig to bow out before it became official, but that’s always felt like a bit of a stretch. And while there’ve been plenty of candidates floated to take over the role of 007, with Henry Cavill making it abundantly clear that he’d love to get that particular phone call, one of Hardy’s former co-stars doesn’t think there’s anybody better suited for the role.

Jason Clarke co-starred with Hardy in period crime thriller Lawless and mystery drama Child 44, so he knows what makes the Mad Max: Fury Road star tick behind the scenes. And in a new interview, Clarke admitted that while he’s ideally suited for Bond, Hardy has always been known for seeking out challenging material, something that’s not typically associated with the long-running spy saga.

“I can totally see Tom Hardy doing it. If you need my opinion, I don’t think there would be a better actor. I’m not sure whether he should do it, I don’t know. He’s a fascinating actor, and he needs to be challenged, as well as also being just the main man or the big film star. So it would be a career-defining part and move for him in one way if he does do it. You can tell regardless of what people, from actor to actor, it’s about work ethic and being there for it, and making it the best you can. Being unafraid to make a fool of yourself. But at the same point, you know he’s got what it takes to be Bond, definitely.”

It’ll be a while yet before we find out who the next James Bond is going to be, especially with No Time to Die being delayed several times as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Just because Tom Hardy is the favorite with the bookmakers, it doesn’t mean he’s at the top of the studio’s wish list, although it would certainly be fascinating to see what such a unique actor could bring to the part.